Elena Karaseva
Елена Карасёва

Beaded Exclusive
Бисерный эксклюзив


Necklace of beads
with natural stones

"Frost patterns"
Single copy!

Welcome to my world!
My name is Elena Karaseva, I live in Russia, Moscow.
I'm a designer and master of exclusive jewelry from beads. Each of my jewelry is made in one piece and will never be copied.
And now I bring to your attention beaded necklace with natural stones. Looking at him, you as if admire the sparkling frosty patterns illuminated with the moon.

This is a gorgeous necklace made of beads and natural stones. It will be ideal for the real woman at whom behind external tranquility the hidden passion is felt.

The pendant of this necklace has a very unusual insert. This is small sparkling crystals of rock crystal on smoky gray agate.

You will certainly appreciate the beauty of the stone in this luxury jewelry, and a beautiful image, which is created by a combination of beads and stones. In this exclusive bracelet all in harmony, as if he were born by nature.

This beautiful necklace created in the single copy, and never will be copied.

The length of necklace (before pendant) - 49 cm.
Pendants size - 9 x 5 cm.
Stone size - 4.7 x 3.7 cm.

Materials necklace: rock crystal, agate, Czech glass beads and beads.

Cost necklace US 365

Do you think it's too expensive?
I assure you - No!
The insert of pendant of this necklace is made of rare, incredibly beautiful stone. And the main thing – very difficult, exclusive handmade on creation of this author's necklace.

And buying this necklace, you will be absolutely sure that:

you become the mistress of the beautiful jewelry that will enrich your look, adding to it the charm and aristocratic elegance;
does not threaten you meet somewhere with another woman, which will have the same necklace, for your - unique and exclusive;
when you will come into this necklace, you certainly pay attention - with approval and admiration!

Shipping cost US 30

This necklace can be wearing with a slave bracelet "Frosty patterns".

How to make a purchase?

To make a purchase, please contact me via the contact form, which you can see on the right.
I will answer you in the shortest possible time in order to harmonize the conditions of purchase.

Payment method: PayPal

Shipping is carried out by the Russian Post.

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"Frost patterns"
Cost bracelet US 365
Shipping cost US 30

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